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Dec 27, 2019

Carla Itzkowich, President and Founder at International Contact, Inc., on the evolution of the foreign language industry from a legal requirement to an ROI opportunity, and how print businesses can easily offer translation and transcreation services to provide added-value and create stickiness with customers.


Dec 27, 2019

Michelle Dotinga and Nancy Pappas, Vice Presidents of Production Solutions at Kingsbridge Technologies, discuss how they help clients to optimize their production and data to maximize efficiencies and ROI, and share about taking risks as women in the industry.

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Michelle Dotinga:

Dec 27, 2019

Bradley Metrock, CEO at Score Publishing, discusses voice-first technology, conversational commerce and its increasing role in our lives, his book on Alexa's broader range of skillsand what to expect at the upcoming Project Voice Conference in Chattanooga, TN January 13-17, 2020.

Bradley Metrock:

Dec 15, 2019

Jamie McLennan, Creative Print Strategist at DMR Graphics and Will Crabtree, Owner at join Deborah Corn from Print Media Centr to talk about paper and print customers.

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Jamie McLennan:

Will Crabtree:

Nov 24, 2019

Mike Meshkati, President at on outsourcing to create new partnerships and new business. Recorded at #PrintingUnited.

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Mike Meshkati: